Autopay Parking & Parking Rebates

Autopay Parking

Don’t forget to redeem your parking rebates at LG or 7F Customer Service Counters and pay for your parking before you leave. Autopay stations are available at B1 (Lift Lobby area and opposite Premier Luggage & Bag Services Centre) and B2 (Lift Lobby area).

FAQS on Autopay System

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How do I pay for parking?

There are six conveniently located autopay stations at the lift lobbies and common areas at B1 and B2 leading to the car park.

How do I exit?

Please pay your parking fee at any of our six autopay stations before returning to your car. Once you are in your car, please follow the arrows and exit signs.
At the exit, insert your paid chip coin into the exit verifier. The boom gate will then rise to allow you to exit.

Do I need the correct change for the auto pay station?

No, the autopay stations accept cash and coins and will dispense change. However, we encourage the use of RM50 for parking fees above RM30 only.

Do the autopay stations accept the new coins?

Yes. The autopay stations accept the new coins (except 5 sen) and denominations of RM1, RM5, RM10 and RM50.

In case of emergency, how do I contact the parking attendant?

For assistance, please use the intercom button on the autopay stations or call the car park management office at 03-2699 6208. Office hours are 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Sunday, including public holidays.
Please call our Customer Service Hotline at 1300-88-SOGO (7646) after 6.00 pm.

How do I get a receipt?

Please press the receipt button on the autopay station after payment. Please note that we are unable to issue manual receipts for payments made at the autopay stations.

How much is the parking rate?

The parking rate is RM3.50 for the first hour and RM2.50 for each subsequent hour.

What should I do if the autopay station or the exit station is unable to read my chip?

Please press the intercom button on the autopay station or call 03-2699 6208 for assistance.

What should I do if I lose my parking chip?

You will need to report to the LG Customer Service Counter, where a charge of RM50 will be imposed and your identification card will be copied for security reasons.
Parking Rebates

Available with purchases at SOGO. Please visit our LG, GF or 7F Customer Service Counters at .

Purchase Amount SOGO Card Members Non-members
RM100 or more FREE 1 Hour Not Available
RM200 or more FREE 2 Hours FREE 1 Hour
RM300 or more FREE 3 Hours FREE 1 Hour

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Please produce the following to get your Parking Fee Rebate Coupon:
    • Car park Chip Coin.
    • Purchase receipt(s).
    • SOGO Card (if any).
  2. Purchase receipts can be accumulated but are only valid for redemption on the day of purchase.
  3. Not applicable for purchases from tenanted counters such as D’Cutz, ESH Electrical, Pure Pharmacy, Poh Kong, Tokyo Megane, Takasima, UNIQLO, food outlets, restaurants and cafes.

FAQs on Parking Rebates

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How does the parking rebates work?

SOGO Card Members with Purchases
RM100 – RM199 : FREE 1 hour
RM200 – RM299 : FREE 2 hours
RM300 – RM499 : FREE 3 hours


Non-members with Purchases
RM200 – RM299 : FREE 1 hour
RM300 – RM399 : FREE 2 hours
RM400 or more : FREE 3 hours

Where do I redeem for the parking rebates?

Please redeem your parking rebates at LG or 7F Customer Service Counters before you pay your parking fee at the autopay station.

What do I need to present for parking rebates redemption?

Please produce your parking chip coin, purchase receipt(s) and SOGO Card (if any).

I have RM5/Complimentary Parking Voucher, how do I redeem it?

Please produce the Parking Voucher at LG or 7F Customer Service Counters for validation prior to your payment at the autopay station.

After I have redeemed my parking rebates, where do I pay the remaining balance?

You may pay the remaining balance at the autopay station.

If I have further feedback about the car park, who should I contact?

Nursing Room & Childcare

Nursing & Diaper Change

Located at 4F Children’s World. For the comfort and convenience of our little shoppers and their mothers.

Starz Garden Children Playland

Enjoy your long-awaited retail therapy while you let your children take pleasure in a fun adventure at 7F Starz Garden Children Playland!

Gift Voucher

Gift Vouchers

SOGO Gift Vouchers are the ideal gifts for your family and friends, especially if they love shopping! These Gift Vouchers are available in the following denominations: RM10, RM50 and RM100. Available at 7F Customer Service Centre.


Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper

We offer a truly personalised shopping experience by providing you with your very own Personal Shopper! Just dial 1300-88-SOGO (7646) to make an appointment.

Customer Feedback and Suggestions

Let us know how we can serve you better. Feel free to share with us your feedback and suggestions.

Stamp & Courier Service

Stamps & Courier Service

Need to make a delivery? You can purchase stamps, and also use our Courier Service at LG Customer Service Counter for domestic and International deliveries.

Click here to find out more about our Home Delivery Service!

Emergency Assistance

First Aid Kits

In case of emergency, basic first aid and medical kits are available upon request at LG, GF & 7F Customer Service Counters.

Mobile Phone Charging

Mobile phone running low on battery? You need not worry as we have mobile phone charging services for selected mobile phone models. This service is available at LG Customer Service Counter.

Sewing Kit

Need a quick fix for a loose button or minor alteration to your clothes, then head over to LG Customer Service Counter.

Wrapping Service

Wrapping Service

Let us do the gift wrapping for you with our complimentary SOGO gift wrappers. Available at LG, GF & 7F Customer Service Counters.

Wheelchairs / Strollers / Umbrellas

Wheelchairs / Strollers / Umbrellas

We provide wheelchair usage service for our elderly and physically challenged shoppers, as well as strollers for babies and toddlers for a modest fee at LG, GF or 7F Customer Service Counter. Umbrellas are also available for purchase.

Returns & Exchanges

Return & Exchanges

Having second thoughts about your purchase? You can return the item(s) within 14 days of purchase* (7F Customer Service Centre).

* Kindly return item(s) in resale-able condition with price tag intact and receipt. Refunds will be issued in the same method of payment as the original payment.

SOGO will not accept the return of the following items under any circumstances.

  • Cosmetics and fragrances
  • Swimwear
  • Undergarments
  • Supermarket items

Lost & Found

Lost and Found

In the event that you’ve misplaced an item while shopping with us, please inform our staff at the 7F Customer Service Centre for immediate action to be taken.

Personal Items Safekeeping

Lighten up your load and drop off your personal belongings for safekeeping. Only available at LG Customer Service Counter.

Paging Services

Got separated from your family or friends while shopping? Let us assist you with a quick announcement on our PA system. Please proceed to LG, GF or 7F Customer Service Counters at.

Banking & Money Changer

Money Changer

Available at LG for our foreign travellers shopping at SOGO.

Automated Teller Machines(ATMs)

Located at LG and GF for your shopping convenience.



Don’t forget to visit Pure Pharmacy at LG for all your health care and personal care needs.

Hair Salon

Hair Salon

Why not give your hair a quick pampering treat at the 7F Hair Salon on your next visit to SOGO?

Phone : +603 2693 4333
Business Hours
Monday – Saturday : 11am to 8pm.
Sunday & Public Holiday: 11am to 7pm.



The Surau (prayer room for Muslims) is located at B1 for our Muslim customers who wish to perform their solat.

Child Safety Wristbands

Child Safety Wristbands

Our disposable Child Safety Wristbands are designed to give parents a peace of mind. Available at 4F Children’s World as well as LGF, GF & 7F Customer Service Counters.