Flood Relief Campaign team arrived in Pahang

Our Flood Relief Campaign team were in Pahang to deliver provision supplies to those in need. Among the items donated were mineral water, disposable utensils, sleeping bags and canned food items.

A total number of 12 staff from SOGO, together with assistance from the Malaysian 4 x 4 team were involved in the campaign. The volunteers gathered at SOGO at approximately 12am on 3 January 2015, and arrived Pahang at approximately 3am the same day.

The team brought the supplies over in eight 4 x 4 vehicles. The supplies were then transferred into boats and were taken to the designated areas to be distributed.

They visited a total number of six areas, namely Kampung Bintang, Kampung Paya Pulai, Chenor, Kampun Machang Gelap, Bukit Keray and Sekolah Kebangsaan Chenor. The local BOMBA and army team then led the SOGO team to high ground areas as there were safety measures to adhere to.

The number of families that were affected by the flood in the areas mentioned are around 1,043 families.