What is a SOGO Gift Card?

SOGO Gift Card is a preload value shopping card, which is an ideal gift for any occasion.

What are the denominations available?

The Gift Card can be purchased in denominations multiplied by RM100 up to RM1,000. Please visit our 7F Customer Service Centre or contact 1 300-88-SOGO (7646) for any denomination above RM1,000 or Corporate Purchase.

Where can I buy the Gift Card?

The Gift Card can be bought at the Cashier Counters and Customer Service Counters at any SOGO store in Malaysia.

Where can I use the Gift Card?

The Gift Card can be used to make full or part payment for goods and services purchased at any SOGO store in Malaysia.

Does the Gift Card have an expiration date?
Yes, the Gift Card will be valid for 2 years upon activation or either the balance is fully depleted, whichever is earlier. Upon expiration, any remaining balance in the Gift Card will be cancelled and treated as null and void.
Where can I check my Gift Card value balance?

Gift card balance will be shown on receipt after each purchase. You may also check the remaining balance at:

any Cashier Counter at SOGO outlet;
any Customer Service Counter at SOGO;
or by calling Helpline at 1300-88-SOGO (7646).

What if the Gift Card is lost, stolen or damaged?

SOGO shall not be liable for lost, damaged or stolen Gift Card.

Are there fees and service charges?

No, the Gift Card does not carry any maintenance fees or service charge.

Will SOGO Reward Points be rewarded for purchases with payment made via the Gift Card?

Yes, you are entitled to SOGO Reward Points for any purchases with the Gift Card.