Adopt Ginger Flower 30ml

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Why it smells so good
Because from the start, its tangy and fresh notes of mandarin set the tone. The relay is then taken by a floral heart, where rose and ginger intermingle harmoniously. How pretty we tell you!
A Word From Adopt Perfume Creator
“Treat yourself to an energizing, vibrant cocktail full of sensuality with this perfume that takes us directly towards the Indian Ocean. The Citrus notes fall into a Jasmine heart providing a breath of fresh air. It is followed by a mix of Red Berries and Ginger for an energy boost and a feeling of being in paradise. The fragrance is surrounded by sweetness with its notes of velvety Peach and powdery Magnolia.”
Olfactory notes
HEAD : Mandarin
HEART : Ginger
BASE : Musk

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