Bronx Colors Boosting Hydrating Concealer Light Beige

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Perfectly concealed and moisturised!
Fortunately there are concealers. Our Boosting Hydrating Concealer is a hydrating, silky liquid concealer with a flawless and brightening effect.
It minimizes dark circles, neutralizes red hues, and brighten skin over all. The result is beautiful, natural-looking coverage you can count on.
• Hydrates the skin
• Long wearing
• Cover up the most obscures imperfections
• Boost up your look
How to wear it?
• Apply with the incorporated applicator and blend with finger or concealer brush.
Fix it with a powder.
• Green concealer neutralize any unwanted red hues like acne, rosacea etc.
• Purple concealer helps counteract and brighten skin.
• Orange concealer also helps counterbalance the deep bluish hues associated with extreme under-eye darkness.

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