Bronx Colors Waterproof Foundation Medium Beige

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Don't worry about foundation smudging!
This Waterproof Foundation does something, that many others don't: it allows you to sweat it out at the gym, swim and enjoy a warm day at the beach without worrying about your make-up. This waterproof formula has an excellent compatibility with the skin and gives you a medium to strong coverage for natural and smooth skin without drying out the skin. Recommended for all skin types.
• Waterproof formula
• No matter what kind of occasion, the foundation holds
• Perfect match with your skin tone
• Medium to full coverage without irregularities
How to wear it?
• Apply a small amount of foundation onto the back of your hand.
• Pick up some foundation with the brush. If you prefer light coverage, dip only one side of the brush in the makeup. If you want fuller coverage, use both sides of the brush to pick up the makeup.
• Start applying the make up in the center of the face so that you can blend outwards and avoid noticeable makeup lines.

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