Horlicks Original Malted Drink

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Nutritious malted drink.
- 10x more fibre with 6g fibre per serve*.
- Low fat.
- High calcium.
- More than 25% less sugar**.
- 10x 32g stick packs.
- Horlicks 3in1 Fibre-Up with chewy visible cereals offers 6g fibre per serve, inulin helps support good digestion on a daily basis. Enjoy the tasty nutritional goodness of multi-grains including malted barley, wheat, milk, multi-vitamins, minerals and more fibre.
- Inulin: Helps support good digestion on a daily basis.
- Calcium: Strengthens bones.
- Vitamin A: Essential for the functioning of the eye.
- Vitamin B1 & B2: Helps release energy from carbohydrates, protein and fats.
- Vitamin C: Increases absorption of iron from non-meat source.
- Vitamin D: Helps the body utilize calcium and phosphorus to help build strong bones.
- Iron: Helps formation of red blood cells.
- Suitable for vegetarians who consume dairy product.

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