Huygens Hercule Shampoo 500ml

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STRENGTHENING – WEAK AND FRAGILE HAIR THE FORCE OF NATURE hercule (rosemary, eucalyptus globulus, lavender, sage) UPLIFTING - COMFORT - RELAXATION Hair care products infused with the essential oil blend Hercule were specifically made for fragile hair. This powerful cocktail of rosemary, lavender and sage recharges the hair with strength and vitality. This natural, organic and silicone-free shampoo takes naturally good care and brings structure and lightness to the hair. Its ultra-gentle sugar-based sulfate-free formula foams gently and respects the scalp. Enriched with witch hazel water and aloe vera for an efficient, gentle cleanse, this formula allows to space out shampoo. Complete your fragile hair routine with the light, detangling Hercule Conditioner for more strength and vitality. Use the Hercule Dry Oil as a “quick nourishing fix” on the tips and/or as a restorative hair mask before shampoo.
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