Moist Diane Perfect Beauty Extra Smooth & Straight Treatment 450ml

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Deep restore - Contains straightening ingredients like Organic Quinoa Oil, Organic Prune Oil and Organic Baobab Oil which to control curly and wavy hair. Blended with essential oil like Organic Argan Oil and Orange Sapote Oil to infuse hair with moisture. Organic Oil - The organic oil penetrates deeply into the hair. Attention on Quinoa, the magical oil to control unruly hair! Quinoa oil, prune oil and Baobab oil gives intense moisturization to hair.Cuticle Keratin - Tames and manages damaged surface of unruly hair. Moisturizes from roots to end for smooth and incredibly soft hair. Cuticle Keratin treatment smoothes damaged hair follicles and helps infuse moisture back into dry, brittle hair. Nourishes from the core to restore hair’s health and radiance

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