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Just like beauty stems from the root², youthful strength comes from the seed.

Achieving the desired skin can be challenging, as many often tend to focus only on the symptoms rather than tackling the root cause of signs of aging skin.

SK-II's 40-year pursuit for an anti-aging breakthrough, has yielded a revolutionary discovery: the Aging Trigger Factor¹ that accelerates signs of aging via a chain reaction as early as in the 20s.

Introducing the new SK-II SKINPOWER Advanced. This improved formulation acts like a Seed of Youth. It targets the Aging Trigger Factor¹, stimulates skin regeneration³ for 10 years younger looking skin - firm, radiant, everblooming skin

SK-II’s prestige anti-aging solution, with the new formulation, harnesses the power of nature with powerful science. Packed with a combination of PITERA, Kinren and Peony Extract, it revitalizes skin’s youth from this source, shields skin from daily stressors and reduces Aging Trigger Factor¹. Additionally, Peony extract has proven efficacy on reducing roughness and plumping up skin, for a youthful complexion. Giving you 160% firm skin feel and 175% visible wrinkle reduction feel⁶

The formula has an airy light texture that melts into skin to intensely hydrate and lock in moisture.

  1. Aging Trigger Factor refers to dry skin condition with topographic problem complex which can accelerate aging signs such as wrinkles and roughness.
  2. Root refers to one of the root causes of signs of skin aging science.
  3. Refers to epidermis layer 
  5. Firm, radiant, everblooming skin refers to creative expression, the pursuit of a life attitude that is not bound by age. The data comes from the test results of 37 women aged 22-55 selected by a third-party organization after using SKINPOWER Advanced Airy Cream for 4 weeks. The actual effect varies from person to person.
  6. P&G calculation from aggregated consumer self-assessment scores, after 1 day use for 1.6X firm and 2 weeks use for 1.75X wrinkle reduction feel, 65 panelists, 2022
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