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Ulike ReGlow LED Face Mask

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Ulike ReGlow LED Face Mask
Quick Brightening In 10 Minutes

√Four modes:Anti-Acne/ Brightening / Firming/ Rejuvenation
√Safe Energy up to 100 mW/cm²
√272 top-class professional LED light bulbs
√Golden Distance 1cm

Industry-leading LED Face Mask With Exclusive Mirror Enhanced Light Intensification Technology™

Glowing Results in 14 days
Skin radiance increased by 12.9%
39.44% reduction in the number of under-eye wrinkles
7.89% reduction in redness across the face
Reduction of acne by 17.58%

10 min hands-free treatment targets 4 needs
Solving the Deep Skin Problems
415nm Blue light targets oil production and acne
590nm Yellow light soothes and brightens the skin
630nm Red light stimulates collagen production
830nm Near-infrared light accelerates skin metabolism

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