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Panasonic Stainless Steel Kettle
(NCSK1) RM139
(Usual: RM179)

Philips All-in-One Multi Cooker
(HD2137) RM639
(Usual: RM799)

Philips Steam Generator
(GC9660) RM1,659
(Usual: RM2,399)

Panasonic Electric Oven 38L
(NBH 3800SSK) RM588
(Usual: RM669)

Panasonic Steam Convection Oven
(NUSC100) RM799
(Usual: RM1,279)

LG 13kg Top Load Washing Machine
(T2313SSAV) RM1,899
(Usual: RM2,299)

LG 8kg Front Load Washing Machine
(FC1408S4W) RM1,999
(Usual: RM2,899)

Tefal Steam Generator
(GV9061) RM1,599
(Usual: RM1,999)

Tefal Steam Iron
(FV4010) RM143
(Usual: RM189)

Tefal Jar Rice Cooker
(RK8145) RM399
(Usual: RM489)

Tefal Jar Rice Cooker
(RK5001) RM189
(Usual: RM269)

Children Table and Chair Set
50% OFF
(Usual: RM179.90)

Set of 2 Storage Ottoman
50% OFF
(Usual: RM179.90)

Wrought Iron Trolley
with Marble Top

Non-woven Wardrop
50% OFF
(Usual: RM169.90)

Novelle Rosetti Bed Linen
80% OFF
(Usual: RM199 - RM799)

Windsir Mikros
Fitted Sheet Set RM35 - RM55
(Usual: RM209 - RM319)

Vita De Casa Ric
Quilt Cover Set RM90
(Usual: RM799 - RM899)

Novelle Harris
Comforter Set RM180
(Usual: RM909 - RM999)