The Shoe Project - Changing Lives One Pair of Shoes At A Time

SOGO recently launched a programme on the 1 December 2016 called "The Shoe Project". This programme involves a donation of RM20 for a pair of shoes to provide to Orang Asli children.
"The Shoe Project" that ended on 26 December 2016 has successfully received donation for 217 pairs of shoes worth RM4,340.
Over 100 children received shoes in villages around Perak such as Kampung Pahlawan, Langkap & Kampung Sg. Chekoh and Pahang such as Kampung Pak Senam, Sungai Koyan, Kuala Lipis and more. These children range from primary and secondary students. SOGO has been able to provide additional donations of school bag, uniform and lunch box to the Orang Asli Children in Pahang. SOGO team has also provided personal hygiene talks to the children.
SOGO will continue to do its' part to provide a better future for all children in Malaysia.



Sungai Koyan