Anna Sui Sundae Mellow Yellow EDT 50ml

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Anna Sui SUndae Mellow Yellow EDT 50ml

Introducing Anna Sui Sundae Mellow Yellow Eau De Toilette, the newest adorable addition to the Sundae perfume collection by Anna Sui. Embrace the joy and nostalgia of sharing a sundae with friends, as this fragrance captures the essence of laughter, innocence, and pure indulgence.

Product Description:
Anna Sui Sundae Mellow Yellow is a cheerful and delightful fragrance, inspired by the shared moments of warmth and happiness while enjoying a sundae with loved ones. This scent is an ode to those carefree summer days, brightened by memories and the sweet scoops of joy. It reflects the spirit of the Anna Sui Girl, radiating happiness and creating cherished memories with friends.

Product Specification:
Top notes: Sugared Lemon, Passionfruit Pulp, Mountain Peach.
Middle notes: Osmanthus, Crabapple Blossom, Jasmine Sambac.
Base notes: Vanilla, Plum Wood, Musk.

Embrace the pure joy and warmth of Anna Sui Sundae Mellow Yellow Eau De Toilette. Relive the nostalgic moments of laughter and innocence shared with friends over a sundae. Add this delightful fragrance to your collection and celebrate the spirit of the Anna Sui Girl. Experience the sweetness of Sundae Mellow Yellow and create beautiful memories that last a lifetime. Shop now and capture the essence of happiness with this cheerful and adorable fragrance.

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