Anna Sui Sundae Violet Vibe EDT 50ml

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Anna Sui Sundae Violet Vibe EDT 50ml

Discover Anna Sui Sundae Violet Vibe Eau De Toilette 50ml, the latest addition to the adorable perfume collection, Sundae, where "I Scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" This fragrance is inspired by the diverse facets of the Anna Sui Girl, capturing the essence of trendiness and sweetness.

Product Description:
Sundae Violet Vibe Eau de Toilette is the perfect scent for the trendy girl. It features a tantalizingly trendy vibe with a decadent blend of notes. The fragrance opens with the richness of decadent strawberry cream, complemented by the zestiness of lemon and the sweetness of cassis nectar. As the scent develops, it swirls into a soft heart of lotus blossom and jasmine petals, adding a delicate floral touch. The fragrance settles into a sweet and addictive ending with notes of pink marshmallow and skin musk, leaving a captivating and alluring trail.

Product Specification:

  •  Top Notes: Lemon Zest  
  •  Middle Notes: Lotus Blossom
  • Base Notes: Skin Musk  

Indulge in the trendy and tantalizing aroma of Anna Sui Sundae Violet Vibe Eau De Toilette. Embrace your inner trendsetter with this delightful fragrance that captures the essence of the Anna Sui Girl. Add a touch of sweetness and trendiness to your collection with Sundae Violet Vibe. Shop now and experience the captivating blend of strawberry cream, lotus blossom, and pink marshmallow. Join the ice cream frenzy and savor the delightful charm of Sundae Violet Vibe. Elevate your fragrance game and embrace your trendiness with this unique and alluring scent.

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