Bronx Colors 2 in 1 Eyebrow Pen & Smooth Brush Soft Brown

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With this tool the easy-coloring, filling, shaping and smudging of brows is given!
The triangle shape of the pen allows to define the natural curve of your brows. With the super soft toothbrush shaped brush the color can easily be smudged and the eyebrows keep their stunning look all day long.
• Fills, shapes and defines brows
• The soft texture is ultra-blendable and easy to apply
• With the ultra soft brush the color can easily be smudged
• Waterproof
• Lasts for hours, no smudge or fade
How to wear it?
• For a natural effect choose an eyebrow color lighter than the color of your hair. For a more dramatic look, use a darker one.
• Fill out your brows with light, upward strokes of the pencil. Focus on spare areas, feathering the pencil strokes so they resemble natural hair.
• Use the ultra soft brush to blend color and style your eyebrow to perfection.

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