Natural Looks Royal Rose Body Spray 150ml

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Immerse yourself in the luxurious scent of Natural Looks Royal Rose Body Spray. This exquisite fragrance is a harmonious fusion of fragrant Rose and Magnolia, delicately accented with hints of fresh fruit and embraced by the warmth of Amber. It offers a refreshing mist designed to cool and perfume the body without causing dryness.

Key Features:

  • Fragrant Fusion: Royal Rose Body Spray combines the timeless elegance of Rose and Magnolia, creating a fragrant symphony that's both sophisticated and captivating.
  • Fresh and Warm: Subtle hints of fresh fruit and the embracing warmth of Amber enrich the scent, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance.
  • Refreshing Mist: This body spray is carefully formulated to provide a refreshing mist that cools and delicately perfumes the body without leaving your skin dry.

Product Ingredients:

Alcohol Denat, Aqua, Parfum, Isopropyl Myristate, Glycerin

Indulge in the opulence and beauty of Natural Looks Royal Rose Body Spray. Let this captivating fragrance accompany you throughout the day, leaving you feeling refreshed, elegant, and subtly perfumed.

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