ReFa 4 Caxa Ray

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Help visibly contour your face and body with our unique Release Lift method of scooping and kneading.
The ReFa 4 Caxa Ray scoops and kneads the flesh anywhere on your body with a complex professional esthetic method called Release Lift.
This breakthrough proprietary technology from ReFa not only targets the skin, but the fascia and muscles underneath it. Use the ReFa 4 Caxa Ray on your face and body for a more streamlined and radiant appearance.
Target areas for Release Lift:
The ReFa 4 Caxa Ray's Release Lift esthetic methods can be applied to the entire body with maximum comfort and ease - your face, bust, upper arms, waist, buttocks, thighs, calves, and more. It's scooping and kneading action helps you visibly achieve sharp contours and gorgeous silhouette.

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